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VAESSEN AUDIODESIGN is a Belgium based company specialized in handcrafted state of the Art loudspeakers.

Heart & head of the company is Koen Vaessen who shares his passion and knowledge for music, sound & soundreproduction with his customers.

Koen Vaessen makes no compromises when it comes to designing his loudspeakers, only the best sounding components are used to contribute to

his extraordinairy loudspeakerdesigns.

State of the Art fiberglasstechnology & Carbon/wood mixtures are

used for the cabinets to keep the sound of resonance out of his speakers.

Titanium, Ceramic and other lightweight materials are used for the drivers

to make sure all the energy goes into the music.

VAESSEN AUDIODESIGN Loudspeakers will set your music free

the way you have never experienced before

Each pair is build to order, You can choose any colour to make sure

your new speakers blend in or stand out in your interior

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